Dreaming Of A New Banjo

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I only have one banjo, and I cannot help but want another. The one I currently have, however, I would not give up on. It was my first, a gift from my wife. It has a lot of sentimental value.

It was a Christmas gift and came from a Pawn Shop. Although it plays well, it looks a little worn. It’s not something I can play in public with or with a band, as I’m not nearly good enough. I want one.

Although I had my eye on the Gibson banjo line, I must keep my goals realistic. It’s not dreaming, but dreaming is a way to dream big. Ok, now I want a Gibson Granada Hearts and Flowers. It’s a beautiful instrument. The Gibson Earl Scruggs models as well as the J.D. Crowe, but the Hearts and Flowers model is what really grabs me.

If I can just wake up from my dream of the Hearts and Flowers Gibson at $5500.00, I will be able to make more realistic plans for a quality banjo that I can afford.

I think I would like to own a Fender or Deering banjo. Both of these instruments are very nice and the price ranges start at $500.00. This is way more than $5500.00, for me little one.

Although I’m not yet fit to consume (my playing, not my banjo), I won’t rush to buy a new one. However, if I have the chance to spend a little more money, I might be tempted to purchase a new instrument. Fender offers several models, including the FB 59 which is priced at $900.00. It is very well made. It features a rosewood fingerboard with mother-of-pear inlay.

Many banjos have mother-of-pearl inlay in their finger boards. However, the one that I currently have has only the small round dots and one star at the fifth fret. This is okay, but I would like my next banjo to have more. A gold trim would also be nice. This is what the FB 59 offers.

So, I will dream until I make it happen.