A N N A   A S H
F l o o d l i g h t s

Ash has called the record the most honest thing she’s ever made, and it repeatedly surprises me with its poignant moments. Every song is a beautifully frank observation of love—its endings, beginnings, and troubled in-betweens. All of it true, all of it delivered by Ash’s simultaneously confident and delicate soprano. ~ Marie Orttenburger (Mostly Midwest)

                                                     $20 post paid


T H E   P O T I O N S
S e v e n   B l a c k   S h a p e s

The Potions are Hamtramck's favorite neighborhood band, they're cute, cuddly, and weird as hell. The also have a thing where they only play if it's a full moon. Led by papa bear Dave Morrison on vocals / harmonica; featuring the guitar stylings of Richie Wohlfeil (Belle Isles, Danny & The Darleans, Detroit Cobras), woven with the bass of Adam Stanfel, and tempo-ed by the great Charlie McCutcheon (every other band ever), these guys' are sure to make you want to re-connect with your grandparents or rescue a kitty.

                                                      $20 post paid 



H o p e   i s   N e v e r 

Ziemba, aka René Kladzyk, is a Brooklyn-based performance artist and space-pop diviner, whose songs have been featured on Comedy Central’s brilliant cult hit show, Broad City. Her cheerily-titled debut album, Hope Is Never, is by turns euphoric, alienating and devastating, and it’s always quietly enthralling. It is, she says, ‘about nostalgia and memory, the way to conceive of death as that thing that connects us to eternity or the infinite’. Well, that and tiger women, seals and fires and buffalos. ~ Nicola Meighan

$20 post paid


R A I N B O W   M I L K

Sorry for the obscurity, but I'm presenting this record as it was presented to me: a couple strips of pink tape over the tabs or a Rod Stewart singles colleciton—no information, just a great, lost record dubbed over a random tape. This record is a direct transfer of the original cassette, no cleaning or "restoring," just the raw tape, side for side. Black label on black wax, stuffed in a random repurposed jacket, sprayed with a band of chrome paint. A Detroit underground classic. 

                                                    $15 post paid


F O L K   B L U E S   N I G H T   No.2
P a y   N o   A t t e n t i o n   t o   t h a t   B r a n d   N e w   R u g

The second release in our Folk Blues Night series of traditional music recorded live at LO & BEHOLD! Records & Books in Hamtramck. This one features Michael Hurtt, Danny Kroha, Dave Morrison, Phil Leslie, Mr. John Roundcity, Todd Albright, Behind the Times, and the elusive Sweet Jay Janusch! The record in pressed on 180 gram vinyl, features a hand-glued Folkways style cover, and features newspaper liner notes!

                                                    $20 post paid 





H E R O E S   &   V I L L A I N S   I I

The long lost second album by one of our favorite bands. HVII features vocalist/guitarist Ernie Faclker (better known to some as MAGI, or E.C.F. if you've seen his woodcuts), Jeffrey (Giant) Fournier (from Timmy's Organism), and Andrew Lakin on drums. Recorded in the mid 2000's but canned because the group disbanded shortly after, this record bounced from cd-r to cd-r over the years as an unknown gem for us and a few of our friends who've held on to these tunes for the last decade. 

$15.00 post paid  



F O L K   B L U E S   N I G H T   No.1
G i v e   M e   N o   T r o u b l e   i n   t h e   W o r l d   I   K n o w

The first in the release in the Folk Blues Night series, by LO & BEHOLD! This various artists compilation features live songs by Danny Kroha, David Morrison, Dooley Wilson and a few others. All recorded live at LO & BEHOLD! Records & Books during our monthly traditional music party. Record includes a zine, 180 gram vinyl, and the covers all hand glued. 

                                                  $20 post paid 




M O T H E R   W H A L E
H e l l o ,  E a r t h  .  .  .  G o o d b y e ,  M o o n 

The first LP released by LO & BEHOLD! and the first LP released by MOTHER WHALE, it features Michigan natives Adam Pierce, Jesse Hoffman, and Richie Wohlfeil. Recorded by the band during the winter of 2011. Mixing and layout by Richie. Album art is a watercolor by Jeff Bloomer.


$15.00 post paid